We believe women are vital in shaping a society based on business development through sustainable values. Therefore, the Lean In program helps women from the corporate environment to personal and corporate success. It connects drivers of positive change to build partnerships with each other, support each other in their career and personal lives and develop the concept of values-based management.

Each circle of Lean In is a closed group of up to ten women who stand at the same career ladder level in different companies and industries. Participants meet 8-10 times a year in facilitated discussions during which they share their knowledge and experience. Upon completing the one-year cycle, women become part of the Lean In Alumni Network, a network of female graduates that currently counts over two hundred fifty women.

What types of Lean In programs do we organize?

Lean In Middle: for women in middle management

Lean In Senior: for company directors or members of the Board of Directors

What types of Lean In programs do we organize?

Picture of Renata Mrázová

Renata Mrázová

Group Chief People Officer, FNZ Group

„The community created in response to the fantastic book Lean In and related activities is a great thing.
I believe in networking, openness, and sharing experiences that can revolutionize the gender issue through inspiration and removing our internal barriers and prejudices.“


Tereza Sverdlinová

Director of the Tereza Maxová Foundation for Children
Lean In Senior, Class of 2020

The program brought me a regular dose of inspiration and helpful advice, but also reassurance about a conscious approach to people management and leadership. It has set a mirror for me on where to focus more on my development and where there are further opportunities for growth. I see it as a huge bonus that I have met some great women through it, who have been a joy to share with and who I will continue (and love!) to have in my life. I could write thousands of words and superlatives, but they will only be words. The atmosphere, the group work, and the many thought-provoking activities – it’s a must-experience. I feel enriched in many ways after attending.

Eva Poláchová

Member of the Board of Directors, Kooperativa
Lean In Senior, Class of 2021

I highly recommend this program to all ladies who want to get to know themselves in an informal spirit, very intensively, and under the experienced and sensitive guidance of the lecturer. In our group, ladies from different fields came together; we had the desire and space to share our experiences, and we had the opportunity to perceive each others‘ stories, life situations, and world view. For me, this sharing was highly enriching, often opening new horizons and possibilities. At the beginning of programs like this, we sometimes have the feeling that we already know everything and have heard everything many times – I confirm with my experience that Lean In was different for me – it drew me in, did not let go, and left a lasting imprint. And new friendships too. Thank you for that.

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