Sustainability shadowing is a development program for all who deal with sustainability in companies, whether directly within sustainability management or, for example, through CSR.

Why get involved?

Gain new partners from the corporate environment for ESG discussions.

Get to know in depth how other prominent companies solve sustainability.

Get an overview of current sustainability topics and the latest ESG trends.

Meet many people from industry and open the door to collaboration across companies.

Hear high quality lectures from prominent leaders from the Czech market and abroad.

And you will also become part of the network of contacts of Sustainability Shadowing Alumni – ambassadors of change who can show the way to a higher level of corporate sustainability in the Czech market!


Ondřej Šikl

ČEZ Group ESG Specialist
Sustainability Shadowing, Year 2023

I very much appreciate that I was able to be part of an inspiring development programme in which we shared examples of good practice with colleagues
from other companies and were able to set an example for others through our efforts.

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