CSR Europe Launches Business Manifesto for a Sustainable Europe 2030

The Manifesto, written in collaboration with The Business Leaders Forum and over 60 leading CSR Networks and businesses in Europe, is a call for “Action over Ambition” to deliver a Just Industrial Transition. It offers 5 key policy recommendations to translate EU sustainability goals and standards into actionable measures for businesses.

Brussels, 21 March 2024 – As Europe gears up for the elections in June, CSR Europe, the leading European Business Network for Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility, launches the Business Manifesto 2024-2029 “Action over Ambition: Delivering a Just Industrial Transition for a Sustainable Europe 2030”.

In a time of uncertainty, marked by wars, geopolitical tensions, and societal challenges, Europe must prioritize collaboration and action to ensure peace, competitiveness, and inclusive prosperity. The Manifesto, written in collaboration with over 60 leading CSR Networks and businesses in Europe, including The Business Leaders Forum, calls for a European Just Industrial Deal that creates a compelling business case for a sustainable transformation and collaborative action.

The Manifesto outlines five key policy recommendations:

1. An Industry Alliance for Inclusive Prosperity: This alliance would support businesses in making their operations more human-centered, resilient, and sustainable across their business models, workforces, communities, customers, and supply chains.

2. European Sector Alliances for Due Diligence and Local Sustainability Networks: These alliances would enhance sustainable sourcing practices and position Europe as a preferred partner for collaborating countries.

3. Accelerating the Capital Markets Union (CMU) and a European Social Investment Framework to unlock sustainable finance, ensuring substantial corporate contribution to a Just Transition for the workforce, suppliers, customers, and communities.

4. Integrating Behavioral Science: By leveraging behavioural science, governments and industries can create products and services that address social needs, tackle unconscious bias, and overcome other barriers.

5. A European Sustainability Dialogue: Like the European Social Dialogue that shapes the EU’s social agenda, this dialogue would shape the EU’s sustainability agenda.

Inspired by former European Commission President Jacques Delors, also founding father of CSR Europe, the Manifesto emphasizes the fight against social exclusion, proposing to make the protection of the most vulnerable a cornerstone of all European policies and decisions.

Companies and CSR networks that contributed to the Manifesto will take part to the upcoming European Sustainable Industry Summit 2024: Shaping the Next Era of Corporate Sustainability Practices. The event, scheduled for the 25-26 June in Brussels, is set to welcome 300 c-level sustainability stakeholders across the European institutions, industry, and civil society. The Summit is organised by CSR Europe in partnership with the European Investment Bank.


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